Rent-to-Own for Tenants

Benefits for tenants

  • Time is on your side
  • Future purchase price is definited, and tenant benefits from additional appreciation
  • You will be the home-owner-in-training
  • We provide professional help in repairing your bruised credit
  • Very little risk and no obligation to buy
  • Lower amount of deposit up front

So, what is Rent to Own?

A lot of us do not have enough down payments towards buying a place of your own, or having difficulties getting a mortgage due to bruised credit. However, renting is paying someone else's mortgage, and with rising housing market, owning a home seems out of reach year after year.  

Our Rent To Own program helps to get your foot in the door and freeze a purchase price at the beginning of the term! Time is on your side because we will help you to have time to accumulate enough down payment you will need to buy the home you love at the end of term. 

Some may not qualify for a mortgage due to bruised credit or even no credit, and we have just the solution for that.  Our mortgage specialist in our team will help you repair and build up your credit scores!

How does it work?

Rent to Own gives you an exclusive Option to buy after your term is done. 

We require you to fill in our "Rent to Own Eligibility Form".  After this, you will prepare for a face-to-face consultation, when we learn more about your situation and create a customized plan for you.  In the meantime, an application will be given to you for our mortgage professional to evaluate your financial situation, and a non-refundable commitment fee of $1,000 is made to join the program1

After qualifying for our RTO program, you will need to put down a non-refundable option deposit that will be put towards a portion of your down payment.  To reserve the home you love, each month you will be paying market rent + option premium to secure the home you love. 

Maintain the home well like it is already yours to drive up its appreciation value, and when you own it, you will be the one to reap the benefits.

Ways to get into Rent to Own homes

You may find the home you see when you drive in an preferred area, or work with a realtor in our team to find a perfect home on MLS. The home should be absolutely the one you will love and own !

Next Step

See if you are eligible!!


1. The $1,000 Commitment fee will be counted toward your initial option deposit.